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Valentines Flower Collection

We're here to help you impress the love of your life with premium quality flowers whilst working hard to be fair to your pocket and kind to the planet.

We Only Use The Best Roses Available

Please note the roses in these videos are for illustration purposes only. These roses are much smaller than the ones we will be using. We have decided to use the rose Naomi Porta Supra for our valentines work. Here is what our grower has to say about this stunning red rose:

This Valentine’s, share love with top-quality Red Naomi roses while keeping a green conscience

"Porta Nova Red Naomi roses have a perfect red color that features a smooth, velvety shade. She is the only red rose with an extremely large flower-head & a subtle scent.

Superior quality Red Naomi roses – absolutely the best. Supras have been specially selected from all our roses. All lengths have an extra large bud, a thick stem and they also meet all other additional quality requirements. Our ‘Supra’ roses are hand picked. As a result, they are guaranteed to have a 14-day vase life."

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